How To Cure A Ghost (Abrams, 2019) is Róisín’s debut Poetry Collection.

It explores shame, ancestral trauma and violence—weaving in Róisin’s personal experience of abuse at the hands of her mother, while also being trapped in a body, time and era where she’s being forced to confront the many things that have haunted her. The “ghost” she attempts to cure stands for many things: white supremacy, her mother, the patriarchy, Islamophobia, unkindness, her ancestors… Ultimately, it’s a book about survival, dedicated to survivors.

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Being in Your Body.1.24.jpg

Being In Your Body (Abrams, 2019) is a journal for women, femmes and non-binary folks to work through body dysmorphia.

We rarely talk about the impact of bodies on the mind—and therefore every facet of day to day life. When you can’t love yourself it affects everything.

This journal is a conversation starter on how to talk about what ails us only with our bodies so that we can start (finally, collectively) moving towards self love and acceptance on a holistic global level.

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