Photo by James Emmerman for  Milk.  Fariha was chosen as "Most Likely To End Islamophobia" in their 2018 campaign. 

Photo by James Emmerman for Milk. Fariha was chosen as "Most Likely To End Islamophobia" in their 2018 campaign. 

Fariha Róisín is an Australian-Canadian writer based in Brooklyn. 

With an interest in her Muslim identity, race, pop culture and film (as well as queerness and how that intersects with being a femme of color navigating a white world) she has written for Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Vice, Fusion, Village Voice and others. Previously, she has co-written a self care column on The Hairpin and currently has an astrology column for them.

From 2012 onwards she co-hosted the podcast Two Brown Girls, a podcast that centered black and brown voices in film and TV, emphasizing the importance of representation. In 2016 she co-hosted a podcast for the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) entitled Yo Adrian, which aired for one season. In 2017 she began a new series with TIFF called How Do You Solve A Problem Like, with the first season focusing on the lack of Asian leads in Hollywood, which will air in the fall of 2018.

Fariha is currently working on her first novel which will be published by Unnamed Press for a spring 2020 release, as well as a book of poetry, published by Abrams Books, with a fall 2019 release. She is also working on several other small projects.